SoCal NRL22

Where is the SoCal Precision Rifle Team NRL22 match held?

The SoCal Precision Rifle Team NRL22 match is shot at the West End Gun Club shooting range facility.

The WEGC Shooting Range Facility is located at:

2200 Meyers Canyon Rd
San Bernardino, CA 92407

This address resolves in Google Maps.

How do I get to the NRL22 match location?

  1. Just south of where the 15 and 215 meet, exit North on Sierra Avenue and drive approximately 1.2 miles north on Sierra Avenue.
  2. After ~1.2 miles, turn right onto Meyers Canyon Road (1N33) marked by a street sign and a sign for the West End Gun Club.
  3. Drive approximately one (1) mile on Meyers Canyon Road / 1N33 to reach the WEGC shooting range facility gate.
  4. Drive through the main gate and stop at the WEGC range officer desk (next to a STOP sign) and indicate you are going to the Rimfire Range for the NRL22 match.
  5. After cleared by the WEGC Range Officer, proceed to drive past the main rifle range through the second gate to the back ranges. The Rimfire Range will be on the right side across from Private Bays 3 and 4.
If arriving prior to 0730 check-in, the main gate may be locked and closed to non-members. Wait outside gate and off to side until WEGC range staff opens the gate for non-member access. Do not follow members past a locked gate. Non-members may only proceed if gate has been left open by WEGC range staff.

Meyers Canyon Road (1N33) is an unpaved road that crosses through a creek bed. This road is normally accessible via regular passenger cars, but low clearance vehicles are not recommended. In the rain or snowy seasons, the creek can be flowing with water and is sometimes a flood risk. Only higher clearance vehicles (e.g. trucks) are recommended. Match registrants will be advised of road conditions prior to match day and given the option to withdraw with refund.

The West End Gun Club nor the SoCal Precision Rifle Team are responsible for property damage or personal injury when driving on Meyers Canyon Road to reach the range. It is up to each individual to assess the risk of the road conditions.

How do I sign up?

Match registrations are handled through Practiscore. When the registrations are posted, they can be found on the SoCal Precision Rifle Team Practiscore portal at under Upcoming Matches. Note: Match registration will appear on Practiscore anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks prior to the match day (4th Sunday of the month). You must create a Practiscore account in order to view and register for matches on the Practiscore website.

What do I need?

Generally, you will need:

  1. Scoped rifle chambered in .22LR
  2. Two (2) magazines, one with at least ten round capacity.
  3. Bipod
  4. 100 rounds of ammo
50 to 65 rounds are required for monthly NRL22 Course of Fire, but extra rounds are extremely recommended in case of malfunctions and for sighters. Highly recommended to bring extra magazines for convenience. Rear support bag is highly recommended. For more information, please read the NRL22 rules on the NRL22 website.

Note: Attendees should confirm round count required by reviewing the respective monthly NRL22 Course of Fire.

Can I shoot the same match with two different rifles?

No, you must use the same rifle. No, you may not enter the match twice and shoot the course of fire twice.

I have physical limitations. Can I shoot in this match?

This match has various positions including but not limited to: prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing. This match will involve shooting from a variety of props or barricades including but limited to: tank trap, rooftop, ladder, tire, barrel, and bucket(s). This match will involve movement during a stage between positions and/or barricades. If you are unable to get into a specific shooting position due to a physical limitation, we can make accomodations on a case-by-case basis.

Do I need to be a NRL22 member to participate in the match?

No. You do not need to be an NRL22 member to compete in the NRL22 matches, but it is highly encouraged in order to eligible for prizes in the official NRL22 monthly drawings.

Do I need to be a member of the West End Gun Club to participate in the NRL22 matches at the WEGC?


Can I come to the match to watch and observe without competing in it?

Yes. However, if you are not a WEGC member, must fill out the WEGC waiver online beforehand.